The Gelida

A Sci-finder Race

The Gelida

Gelida Home world: Tharlenan

Physical Description: They are typically tall with lean musculature, being a slow moving race with a lower metabolism; they tend towards stamina over bursts of speed. Due to the Hemocyanin in their blood, their blood is blue, as is their skin to a lighter tone. They are a hairless species, having evolved not hair and fat to battle the cold on their home world, but instead blood chemistry that can handle the colder temperatures. They have also evolved a highly developed sense of sight, having been born on worlds at the edges of systems, allowing them to see in even the smallest amount of light. This makes their eyes almost seem to glow in higher lighted environments, leading to a number of nicknames for the race, as the Gelida are seldom seen in anything other than suits which only show their eyes.
All Gelida, when traveling in warmer climates, are forced to wear cooling suits to keep their body temperature between the required -33 and -77. These temperatures are necessary to keep the ammonia in their blood in the liquid state it is in. Going into warmer climates without the suit feels like walking in fire to them to any other species. Due to this requirement, travelling Gelida have invented some of the most efficient atmospheric systems in the Three Sisters.

Society: The low metabolism inherent to the species tends to make them a very well thought people, spending a long time before making any decision. They go to war slowly, and spending time lost in thought is kind of like a past time to the cold and patient race. To many outside the race, this trait can either be heavily sought after, or some also find it extremely frustrating how much time they take with everything. Due to this nature they tend towards the academic and sciences, though by no means are they pacifists.
The Gelida tend to be very socially oriented, often forming into small social groups even in their metropolises. This creates a family mentality, even amongst those not tied by blood, these social communes form the background of Gelidan society, science, and industry. Their slow metabolism lends them to being a long lived race, so they tend to make long lasting, or even lifelong friendships.
Relations: Their slow nature can be either their greatest asset, or their most annoying quality, depending on what sentient you speak to. They are a patient race that tends to think everything through, from technology, to friends, to enemies, to war, and everything in between. While this quality seems like it would make for an extremely successful diplomat, but with the necessity of the suits many do not trust the nature of the Gelida.
Instead they make the most skilled engineers and technicians, especially their atmospheric technologies are in high demand due to their efficiency. While their design methodology tends to be slow going, their results usually cannot be questioned. Their technology can be found in all three of the sisters, though their race is primarily located in Veata on the farthest arm of the galaxy.

Alignment and Religion:
The Gelida, due to their focus on the family and the community, tend towards the lawful side of the spectrum, anything that supports the society. Though they tend to form in tight knit social groups, the society is key to the Gelida.
The Gelidan spirituality is focused around spirits that inhabit all things, and is usually either personal to the Gelida, or to their social group. Some can take it to higher extremes, believing that any object has a spirit that must be revered, some may view only living creatures with spirits, it depends on the social group. They overall believe in the spirituality of the universe, and often times before doing some sort of engineering, fixing an item, or in general around may give a small prayer to some spirit that has to do with what they are doing.

Travelers among the Gelida have to get used to the suits quickly, as not all ships are equipped or ready to handle subzero races. So traveling Gelidans get comfortable in the suit fast, needing it for even basic travel, to the point it becomes a second skin. They tend to find groups that fit in with their personalities, to create travelling families to mimic the ones they would have among their own people. As a race they crave that social structure, and tend to gravitate towards people who create those tight knit groups.

Names: Gelidan first names tend to be short, easy to say, with far more complicated surnames following. Women’s names tend to flow easily, such as Gare, Arna, and Talen; Males’ names tend to have a harsher tone, such as Das, Tarth, Katch. Surnames depend on the family grouping, and some families will fuse together, creating a new surname that is a combination of the two.

Game Statistics:
Outsider (Native): Born on the outer reaches of most star systems, their anatomy tends to be very different from most humanoids; even their blood is fundamentally different. They still need to eat, sleep, and drink, even if their diet and biology is different, they are still a kind of humanoid.
Advanced Ability Score (+2 Con, +2 Wis): Living in inhospitable environments have made the Gelida hearty, as well as patient and thoughtful.
Cold Subtype:
Energy Immunity (Cold): Growing up on an ice world have made them immune to the harming effects of anything but the most frigid cold.
Energy Vulnerability (Fire): The material in their blood makes it so they cannot survive hot environments, making them vulnerable to heat damage.
Medium Size: While tall the Gelida are not significantly bigger than any other average sized race.
Advanced Speed (40ft): Between their long legs and being used to walking through snow drifts, they are able to walk a bit faster than most races.
Languages (Common, Aquan): Gelida start play with Common and Gelidan (Aquan), with especially intelligent Gelidans able to learn any non-secret languages.
Darkvision 60ft: The dark nature of their home worlds has created in the Gelida the ability to see in the darkest of environs.
Skill Training (Survival, Knowledge (Nature)): Hearty and survivalists, they learn how to survive in the harsh environs they are born in.
Spell like Ability (Hydraulic Freeze): 1/day, they can use their suits to expel some of the coolant in their suits to make a Combat Maneuver check to grapple their opponent, freezing the water in the atmosphere around them onto the target. The target can break from this with an opposed grapple, and the user is not required to concentrate or keep hold of the target after the initial check. Any more uses than this and the coolant in their suit can become compromised to the possible detriment of the Gelidan.



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